Views on Manpower

Today's highly competitive environment forces enterprises to pay attention to quality and human resources needs in order to be sustainable.An organization committed to quality management should base its performance management approach on career orientation, process improvement, employee involvement, decision on the basis of past records and continuous improvement. When we think of the manpower we recruit in different countries, we think about the qualities, characteristics, and the skills he or she possesses. The qualities identified below define the key strengths of a good professional we recruit.


  • Required Documents
  • Procedures
  • Terms & Conditions

Required Documents

  • Power of Attorney: Authorizing Overseas Employment (P.) Ltd. to be true and lawful attorney and agent in Nepal.
  • Demand Letter: Addressed to Overseas Employment(P.) Ltd. Lic. No. 1208/073/074 mentioning number of workers required in each category with salary, duty hours and other benefits.
  • Visa Slip: Photo copy of visa slip is required, if block visa is for Multi National and if block visa is only for Nepalese national, orginal copy is required.
  • C.R. Copy: One copy (Photo Copy) is required.
  • Employment Contract
  • Service Agreement: Two copy of each is signed and stamped by the sponsor.
  • Guarantee Letter: Addressing to the Ministry of Labour and Transport, Labour Department of Nepal by giving guarantee of workers to provide the work in the same country where they are hired for.


All the above documents should be duly sealed and signed by the ministry of foreign affairs, Chamber of Commerce and Nepalese Embassy of the concerned Country.


We have established an up to date Data Bank at our office. It maintains due information of candidates and categorizes them as professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and labours. Selection is purely made on merit basis.

It is done at technical training institute by the engineers or relevant part, either in the presence of employer or our selection committee. We are confident regarding that the personnel selected by our selection committee will definitely earn reputation and appreciation from the employers.

Trade Test

A practical trade test through our engineers of the respective field and selection committee will be taken at the Technical Training Institute. If the company wants to choose the employees directly by an oral interview and practical test, the trade test will be taken at our office where our selection committee observes the workers directly for their respective job.

Medical Checkup

Only the selected candidates are to be sent to an authorized hospital or clinic for medical examination. The candidate, after getting the checkup report & having recognized their physical fitness for employment, will be eligible to sign the employment contract.

Traveling Agreement

In all cases, we send the visa endorsements, passports to concerned airlines to confirm the scheduled flight from Nepal to the nearest airport of the working site. PTA may be sent to any airlines operating from Kathmandu under intimation to us.


The adaptability of the candidates is most important to support their jobs in international & orientation is the only one key session that is given in Nepal to obey & perform the job flexibility. In all cases, they are given orientation to maintain understanding and cordiality among themselves and aim of the particular activity of the individual. The orientation directs them to maintain good circumstances and motivates them to their duties/responsibilities.

The orientation classes are organized for the particular workers of the different nationalities or the respective country directing and congenial atmosphere. It takes special care in briefing them to strictly abide by the guidelines in the field of their employment, with special reference to the Islamic principals for assignments in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East countries.

Endorsement of Visa

The Overseas Employment (P.) Ltd. proceeds for visa endorsement through the concerned Embassy after receiving the original visa & documents like Consul Letter (Attn. To His Excellency Consular General) & demand letter mentioning salary, duty hours, food accommodation and other benefits, Power of Attorney authorizing to us for all arrangements and to sign all necessary documents on behalf of sponsor.

Terms & Conditions

  • First Party will issue the necessary documents such as Demand letter, Power of Attorney, Recruitment Agreement, Employment contract, Guarantee Letter with attestation by Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Nepalese Embassy of that particular country in behalf of the Second Party to complete Necessary government procedure in Nepal.
  • According to the Demand letter issued on the behalf to Second Party, First Party will assure the assignment of the person-to-person recruitment.
  • In lieu of First Party, Second Party will agree to mobilize the required number of manpower and will send all the required documents (CVs & Bio-Detail of Candidates) which are asked by First Party.
  • First Party will provide visa of workforce and will take guarantee for the fulfillment of all the conditions agreed upon the employee regarding salary, accommodation and other benefits as per Demand Letter.
  • Second Party will be responsible for all recruitment formalities in Nepal with regard to advertising, short listing, trade tests selection, medical checkup, completion of visa and immigration formalities, including cost of air tickets to particular country, reservation and timely departure of the selected manpower from Nepal at the sole cost of Second Party.
  • If the Manpower supplied by the Second Party is disqualified during probationary period of 3 months, the second party will replace them and take them back to their home country at its own cost.
  • The durations of contract will be minimum of 2 years and can be renewed for another term. If the First Party and employees are mutually agreed, there will be no interference by Second Party.
  • Employee must work 8 hrs per days in a week with one day off per week. Additional works other than above will be considered as over time as per the labour law of the country.
  • Upon the completion of the contract, the First Party will provide free one-way air ticket to Employee, however, if the employment contract renewed then also the first party will provide free return air ticket.
  • The First Party shall provide free accommodation, medical, insurance and food. If food is not there then food allowance has to provide along with salary.
  • The Second Party will indemnify the first party for the non satisfactory performance of the manpower supplied by them and against any problems/claims that may arise either now or in future on account of recruited workers. The Second Party is responsible and liable for the cost of air tickets for the manpower-supplied from Nepal including repatriation cost to those who are unfit medically and trade wise.
  • The Second party guarantees to supply the specified know-how manpower to first party within 15-20 days from the date of transmitting the approved visas.
  • Agency fees are mutually fixed and the entire transaction mode shall be in travelers Cheque.
  • Any complaint or dispute between the first party and Employee shall be settled as per the labour laws of country.
  • In the case of death of the employee the first Party agrees to repatrite the body to his/her family, along with his/her saving, insurance and other beneficiary of the dead employees’ at no cost.
  • This agreement will only be terminated by either party upon giving sixty days notice in writing to the other party. Such termination shall be without prejudice to any rights, which have stipulated and agree the terms and conditions.
  • Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with arbitration as per rules.
  • Both parties agreed to co-operate each other in fulfilling the demands on mutual benefits.